Make harmony at work a priority

Stop the cycle of incivility
increase the collective well-being of your team

Protect your workplace with an awareness activity

Empowered by principles of diversity and respect, your team team will harmoniously contribute to your objectives

Teamwork is not always easy, and an unhealthy or declining work environment has an impact on productivity, performance and of course on your results.

Offer an awareness activity, give your teams tips and tools that will contribute to the improvement of your workplace’s climate by aiming for harmony and respecting differences.

According to a study, from the book The Cost of Bad Behavior by Christine Borath and Christine Pearson, incivility in the workplace is on the rise and costly. Half of the employees affected by incivility think of leaving their jobs while one-eighth leave their job.

These effects are devastating for all and they have an impact on your financial results.

All of our activities are customized.  Get inspiration from our themes.

Contact us, to discuss your objectives, challenges and the needs of your team.

Invest in your representatives and reap the rewards.



Vocational and professional training activities may be eligible for training credits and grants, to assist employees or employers in the development of individual competencies or for mandatory professional continuing education. Check with a government representative, your superior, a human resources representative, your professional order, your associations or your accountant.

Stop the cycle of incivility and grow your collective well-being



  • Avoid loss of time
  • Avoid loss of income
  • Avoid dissatisfaction with your resources
  • Avoid demotivation
  • Avoid good employees leaving your organization
  • Maintain harmony within your team
  • Retain your employees


  • Behaviors and subtleties of incivility
  • Their impact on the work team
  • Costs of incivility
  • The sights, the sounds, and smells of diversity
  • Little-known “magic words” that are essential to a productive workplace
  • What to say and do moments of incivility and rudeness


  • Corporate ambassadors of all levels
  • Executive Officers
  • International Work Teams
  • Multi-Generation Teams
  • Officials
  • Politicians
  • Professionals
  • Support staff





Each newsletter keeps you up to date on the contemporary rules of business etiquette with tips and tricks, to make you shine at work and ultimately develop new business opportunities.

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