Chief Etiquette Officer

Julie Blais Comeau 
Speaker, author, media collaborator, spokesperson and host

Her mission

Empower organizations and employees with the interpersonal skills that are necessary for professional success

Over the past decade, Julie Blais Comeau has made her name as Canada’s go-to dynamic etiquette expert.

Fluently bilingual, she teaches managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, representatives and advisors, how to project a credible and confident image, that is in line with the employee’s and the employer’s values along with their profession.

Following these lessons, all are empowered as brand ambassadors, ready to seize new business opportunities.

A firm believer that etiquette knowledge increases self-confidence and client credibility, Julie offers conferences, workshops and training activities in organizations, or in private coachings, so all can shine at work.

Interpersonal  skills are the key to professional success. Etiquette knowledge gives that competitive edge.

Founded in 2011, Etiquette Julie is a training and development firm dedicated to the development of business etiquette knowledge and image enhancement, that includes expertise from the best in their fields. Julie and her team have only one goal: to see you shine at work.

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Invest in your team and reap the benefits.



Vocational and professional training activities may be eligible for training credits and grants, to assist employees or employers in the development of individual competencies or for mandatory professional continuing education. Check with a government representative, your superior, a human resources representative, your professional order, your associations or your accountant.



  • Julie has hundreds of satisfied clients. They include private businesses, government departments, professional orders, universities and international congresses.
  • Many of her activities are recognized by professional orders and associations and hence can contributed to continuing education and income tax credits.
  • Her teachings are dynamic, relevant and energizing: the participants can quickly apply their learnings. Interpersonal skills rapidly improve, often within one session.
  • She adapts and customizes lessons to suit all participants of all ages from 6 to 106, in French, English or bilingually.
  • She is certified in Business Etiquette and International Protocol (PSOW), Intercultural Intelligence (Aperian Global) and Customer Service (CTHRC).
  • She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).
  • The media regularly consults her and invites her as an etiquette expert guest.



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We are all unique and will shine differently.



Julie Blais Comeau, conférence, livre, étiquette


Everything evolves. Our team adapts and grows with you and your organization.



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Your information is private and confidential.




étiquette, conférence, livre, Julie Blais Comeau


Your rules, your norms, your policies and your differences are honoured.



étiquette, conférence, livre, Julie Blais Comeau


Your training objectives and the needs of your participants dictate to success of our collaboration.



étiquette, livre, conférence, Julie Blais Comeau


Simple and easy exchanges that flow is our goal.




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  • Communiquer en affaires : guide pratique des nouveaux modes de communication (Béliveau, printemps 2017)
  • Projetez confiance et crédibilité (Béliveau, 2015)
  • Quoi dire, Comment faire et quand? (Béliveau, 2014)
  • Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility (Jewels Publishing, 2014)
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Julie Blais Comeau is a trusted and popular media collaborator. You may have seen, heard or read her in one of the following media outlets: CBC, CTV, The Globe and Mail, Reuters or Reader’s Digest. 


  • Spokesperson for Expedia (2019 & 2018 campaigns), Spokesperson debates (2018 Wedding campaign), Grand & Toy (2016 Holiday season), Courvoisier (Fall 2016), Tostitos Rouleaux (2015)
  • Telfer School of Management Career Center Commitment Award (2014)
  • Self-Employed Business Woman of the Year 2011 “Travailleur autonome de l’année 2011″ (REFAP)




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