Image and first impression

Define and take control of your image
Broadcast confidence and credibility

Give them the resources to convey confidence

and turn them into a network of profitable ambassadors.

Your employees are good, but do they sometimes lack a little luster, a little polish, a little shine?

Have you ever been embarrassed by their words, gestures or lack of good manners?

Give us the task of turning them into confident and credible company ambassadors. We will empower them so that each one of them can make a good impression.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one.

Empower your company ambassadors with the necessary knowledge and skills to shine as they represent you.

Spring workshop date by March 1, 2020    

Bilingual session English and French

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Business Etiquette Workshop Julie Blais Comeau

Get the competitive edge.

$325, plus taxes, per participant 

$900, plus taxes, for three (3) savings of $75; $25 per participant 

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Contact us. Based on your challenges, needs and objectives we will prepare an activity just for you.

Empower your team and watch them shine!



Vocational and professional training activities may be eligible for training grants to assist employees or employers in the development of individual competencies or for mandatory professional continuing education. Check with a government representative, your superior, a human resources representative, your professional order, your associations or your accountant.

Define and master to acquire confidence and credibility


  • Define values ​​and skills
  • Inspire confidence and credibility
  • Reduce stress during important encounters
  • Avoid professional misconduct
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Be memorable
  • Protect your reputation
  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Expand your network of contacts that matter
  • Enjoy more user-friendly business relationships
  • Project a better image


  • The brand called you; based on values ​​and skills
  • The eleven decisions everyone makes when meeting someone
  • The top five of the first impression
  • Perception influencers
  • Your digital footprint
  • Necessary adaptations based on the context and the circumstances
  • Means and opportunities to apply new knowledge


  • Corporate ambassadors of all levels
  • High potential employees
  • Employees in Transition
  • International Students
  • Officials
  • Executive Officers
  • Young graduates
  • Newcomers
  • New recruits
  • Politicians and Political Affiliates
  • Support staff
  • Professionals
  • International Work Teams
  • Multi-Generation Teams





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