Intercultural Intelligence

Learn, observe and expand your cultural quotient 
to adapt to diversity

Broaden the intercultural knowledge of your team

Watch them build bridges and link loyal ties, in your professional network, in your community or elsewhere in the worldwide business arena.

Have you ever insulted your host or lacked decorum when visiting a client?

What is acceptable here, may not be elsewhere and vice versa.

Whether you are hosting a delegation or going on a mission, avoid embarrassment, mistakes and diplomatic mishaps.

We, our training activities, our intercultural tools and databases, are at your service

Our training activities can include inter-cultural profiles for each of the participants. Before your workshop, all answer 40 questions and are positioned on the five cultural dimensions. Quick, easy, fun and very revealing!

Get inspired by our training themes. You can even combine.

Haven’t found what you need? Contact us now to discuss your  challenges, needs and objectives. We will then customize an exclusive activity just for you.

Invest in your team and watch them shine!



Vocational and professional training activities may be eligible for training grants to assist employees or employers in the development of individual competencies or for mandatory professional continuing education. Check with a government representative, your superior, a human resources representative, your professional order, your associations or your accountant.

Learn, observe and adapt to diversity



  • To avoid diplomatic blunder, offend or insult
  • Avoid embarrassment or inertia
  • Inspire confidence and credibility
  • Better understand team members and clients
  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Take advantage of more friendly and empathetic professional relationships
  • Develop an international network of contacts
  • Reduce stress in intercultural interactions
  • Project a better image


  • Our similarities and differences
  • Cultural and generational diversity
  • The triangle of cultural behavior
  • The five cultural dimensions and their paradigms
  • Protocol and precedence in action, in communications, presentations, seating, placement of flags and in gifts
  • The business etiquette of greetings, proximity, punctuality, eye contact, body language and conversation
  • Suitable adaptations depending on the context and the individuals


  • Corporate ambassadors traveling internationally or receiving foreign delegations
  • Politicians
  • New comers
  • International Work Teams





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