Afternoon Tea

An innovative and interactive team building activity
to learn and energize

You are a team, an association or want to reward clients

Here is a fun and fresh new activity

You have a full calendar to fill with interesting and energizing activities.

Your members are tired of the same old activities, week after week, month after month and year after year.

This activity, which brings together history, traditions and protocol, will delight them.

While sipping a nice “cuppa” tea, and eating scones, you learn and build ties.

This group activity’s history, traditions and protocol will delight everyone.

Vous voulez ajouter d’autres sujets à votre activité? Découvrez nos autres thèmes de formation.

Communiquez avec nous pour personaliser votre activité de formations.

Misez sur vos équipes et retirez-en les bénéfices.



Vocational and professional training activities may be eligible for training credits and grants, to assist employees or employers in the development of individual competencies or for mandatory professional continuing education. Check with a government representative, your superior, a human resources representative, your professional order, your associations or your accountant.

Gather to energize and invigorate



  • Learn the basics of business, table or networking
  • Foster teamwork internally, as well as with your customers and service providers
  • Provide an energetic icebreaker activity during a training program
  • Teach the basics of good manners to young people


  • The origins of tea, the beverage
  • Practice the traditions and protocol of Afternoon tea
  • Enjoy scones and other Afternoon Tea delights
  • Know the answer to the question: “Do we drink tea with the pinkie up, or not?


  • Business teams
  • Community associations 
  • Children, adolescents and young adults
  • Retired and semi-retired clubs





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