Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility

Ce livre est la traduction de Projetez confiance et crédibilité 
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We all know our words and actions can go global.

In an instant, the slightest faux-pas can have a lasting impact on a career and a reputation. 


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Have you ever been stuck in a sticky work situation, afraid to do or say something wrong?

Do you ever feel awkward or freeze in a corporate setting?

Have you had e-remorse?!

If you answered yes, to any of the above, then this book is for you!

In this complete modern day business guide, you will learn:

  • What to wear to an interview, a cocktail or on Casual Friday.
  • How to walk into that dreaded networking room.
  • How to eat at a five-course gala.
  • What to offer (or not), as a follow-up thank you gift and everything else you need in order for you to shine, get the promotion, and recession proof your job, oh, and don’t forget your techno manners!

Whether you are a career-starting graduate, an award-winning scientist, or a globe-trotting CEO, Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility, will give you the interpersonal skills intelligence necessary for professional success.


L’objectif de chaque envoi est de vous informer des règles de l’étiquette professionnelle, puis de vous donner des trucs et astuces pour rayonner au travail et mousser le développement de vos affaires.

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