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How Julie can help 

Are you sometimes doubtful, embarassed or worst yet, do you freeze at the thought of what to do, when, where and how?

Whether you are vying for a promotion, looking for a new job or are the head of a startup group; your words or actions and those of your team can go viral. Snap, just like that! You and your representatives must be confident and credible at all times; no matter where you are or with whom you are.

Julie teaches the interpersonal skills that are necessary to succeed in today's global digital market.

You have the hard skills: the education, the expertise and technical abilities. Julie complements them with the soft skills: business etiquette, intercultural intelligence, international protocol and client service.

She facilitates training in English or in French, all across Canada or abroad: Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, London, Los Angeles, or... even virtually to the comfort of your office or home. 

Keynote, conference, workshop, a full day, a training program or creating a culture, Julie is at your service to customize energizing training activities.

Make your choice, contact Julie and see your vision come alive.

One thing is for sure, with Julie's help, gone will be the faux-pas; you will calmly broadcast confidence and crediblity.

Onwards and upwards with new contacts and contracts!