Nous savons tous que nos paroles et nos actions peuvent faire le tour de la planète, en un instant.

Le moindre faux pas peut avoir un impact durable sur notre carrière et notre réputation.

Avez-vous déjà été paralysé par la peur de dire ou de faire quelque chose d’inapproprié dans une situation d’affaires? Vous êtes-vous déjà senti mal à l'aise, ou pas à votre place, avec des collègues? Et avez-vous eu des remords virtuels?

Si vous avez répondu oui à une de ces interrogations, alors ce livre est pour vous!

Que vous soyez une nouvelle diplômée, un scientifique renommé ou un président globe-trotter, vous apprendrez :

Comment entrer dans le redouté cocktail réseautage
Quoi porter pour une entrevue, un 5 à 7 ou les vendredis décontractés
Comment manger lors d'un gala cinq services au resto cinq étoiles
Quoi offrir (ou pas) comme cadeau de remerciement
et tout ce que vous devez savoir pour rayonner positivement, obtenir la promotion, éviter l'embarras et bien sûr, sans oublier, l'étiquette techno!
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Commentaires :

  • This book is not about your grandmother’s old-fashioned etiquette! It cracks the code to modern business manners: social media, networking, emailing, texting, dressing, business dining and more. It is especially relevant to recent graduates transitioning from the campus to the corporation. Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility is like your own mentor.

    Lucie Gendron
    Assistant Director, Employer Relations
    Co-operative Education, University of Ottawa

  • Julie is HuffPost Canada's guru for getting people out of sticky situations and into smooth sailing. Her book inspires as much as it teaches.

    Danielle Crittenden, International Blog Editor
    Huffington Post Media Group

  • What a great book! Learning about the circumstances that prompted you to re-prioritize your life and change careers was very touching. And your story of how your dad taught you to shake hands tugged at my heartstrings. You share so many special and memorable lessons throughout the book.

    The comprehensive templates, tips, and truths in your book are incredible, and everything is so beautifully laid out and well organized. Your effort, time, and dedication is truly apparent in the quality of your messages. You offer readers valuable strategies to help them find success, and your personality shines from each page. Your book is fabulous!

    Sue Jacques
    The Civility CEO

  • Great book. A must to learn about everyday etiquette: be more confident in any situation. To put in all hands.

    Louis Proulx, sur Amazon

  • Julie has written a book that is vital for anyone who wants to further their career, change careers or increase their professional presence. With humor and real life scenarios, this book is a fantastic tool to help enhance their success in all areas of life!

    Wendy Quinton-Murray, sur Amazon

  • In her book, the author clearly demonstrates the usefulness of knowing how to manage and conduct your professionnal life in our world today. Most importantly, this book will help you differentiate yourself in a very competitive business world. A must have book for students and future professionnals.

    Brigitte Allard, sur Amazon

  • Times have changed drastically in recent years and thereby changing the Business Environment in which we evolve in. This Reference Guide is an exact reflexion of this evolution and provides simple, effective and very useful solutions!

    All members of my family have read it and all have learned something!

    It's one to leave on your coffee table to read and reread overtime.

    Maryse B-L, sur Amazon

  • A must read for anyone aspiring to reach the top. No matter the industry, proper etiquette can pave the way for success.

    Pamela Bowles, sur Amazon

  • This book is a must read for anyone working with fellow humans. This book gives practical advice about simple ways to enhance your image and improve first impressions and more.

    Claudine Thibaudeau, sur Amazon

  • Julie's advice always comes from a place of kindness and preparedness, never from a place of pretentiousness. We have all seen a co-worker put their foot in their mouth, show up for work dressed inappropriately or feel unsure about how to handle a difficult boss. This book teaches you how to appropriately handle yourself at work, which is skill we all need to work on.

    Julie's advice is funny, thoughtful and practical, she has provided me with a great "toolbox" of workplace etiquette.

    Ryan Armstrong, sur Amazon

  • Dear Ms. Comeau:

    Thank you for this friendly reminder on proper etiquette! I enjoyed your writing style and the examples you gave are very understandable. As you may know, I am studying for a sommelier exam I am taking later this month. In addition to a detailed written and tasting portion, I will need to present a restaurant Service role play for twelve minutes. My etiquette and poise must be at their best if I am going to pass! I will definitely reread your book before taking my exam!

    Douglas Trapasso, sur Amazon

  • The information is presented clearly and is useful for making a good impression in any setting. I got the book for reference after attending the author's workshop at my university and I've found it useful as I made the transition from school to workplace. I think most people considering this already have good manners (if you care enough to seek this out), what you can expect to get out of this book is to know what's acceptable/expected of you in professional/social settings. It's likely some things in here will come to you naturally and other things you hadn't thought of before. Just remember when you don't follow good manners/etiquette in the workplace, people will judge you but won't correct you for it, so you might be projecting behaviours that aren't showing you to be professional you're aiming to be.

    Keyvan Abedi, sur Amazon

  • I attended a training workshop given by the author and had to read the book! Very good advice, I highly recommend the book.

    Thesun22, sur Amazon

  • Julie has finally written the one book everybody on this planet should read. Not only does it provide practical knowledge (which clears up every business etiquette question imaginable), but it is fun to read—Julie has a great sense of humor. If you go to a bookstore, you will find hundreds of etiquette books to choose from, I should know, I have bought nearly all of them at some point in my life, but this one book stands out among all the rest. Let's face it, the rules of etiquette don't change all that much over time. Good manners will always be in style, but in this day and age when technology has taken over the world—there are new rules for good behavior in the work place—and they are almost as important as technology itself. Thank you, Julie, for making everything so clear.

    Christine Curavo, sur Amazon

  • Your book is one of the best purchases I've made in years!

    Kayla Sanger, sur Amazon

  • As a Career Specialist, my client base includes everyone from new graduates, stay at home parents returning to the workforce, newcomers to top-level executives and professionals in every industry. Julie Blais Comeau’s Etiquette Confidence & Credibility is a guidebook for everyone that enters my office. Her practical guidelines are enlightening and her spirit of inspiration shines a light on what is either unknown or forgotten in the business world. Etiquette Julie has truly empowered the reader to be their best @ work!

    Julie Doyle, sur Amazon

  • Julie writes about what she knows and she goes strait to the point.

    A must read for anyone who do bussiness : proper manners, proper etiquette always talk for themselves.

    Sylvie Mercier, sur Amazon

  • This book is an excellent update on manners in today's environment. It should be taught in schools as well as boardrooms. While the focus of the book is the work world, I found a lot of it could apply to life in general. Civility and good manners should be a goal for everyday/everyone.

    Cathy McGovern, sur Amazon

  • I first met Julie at Career Connections, a networking conference held for law students at the University of Ottawa. She gave a captivating presentation on etiquette that truly highlighted how an individual’s actions and words are directly connected to their career development. As a law student and a young professional, I began to realize that I needed to master my etiquette skills. Julie inspired me to read her book, Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I especially liked learning about her personal story and how she became an independent etiquette expert. After reading Julie’s book, I am more confident and knowledgeable about how to make an excellent first impression, the value of networking, and the importance of strong communication skills. Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility is a perfect guide that will help young professionals polish their etiquette skills and thrive in their profession.

    Ally Enriquez

  • Etiquette:Confidence & Credibility engages the reader from the outset. It sets the context for etiquette and civility so well reflecting today's diverse and complex global landscape. Full of effective and relevant strategies for enhancing your confidence and credibility, easy to understand and put into practice immediately. A refreshing approach with humour and superb examples of how to create a difference in every day life personal and business settings.

    Julie Lamberg-Burnet, on Amazon

  • What a fantastic piece of work, the little pictograms pull out quick references and important reminders. This wonderful pocket sized book fits in your purse and can be referenced anywhere, anytime, in any situation!!! I absolutely love it, so much so that I actually put an extra pair of nylons in my suitcase just in case I willed myself to get a dreadful run in my stockings. Put it out there and it will happen... Julie thank you so very much for your wonderful tricks and tips of the trade. Be at your best at the best of times...

    Melanie Burston, on Amazon

  • This book is a must read!....irrespective of your profession. It is an excellent reference and a sound reminder of how to best present ourselves personally, professionally, and socially. The 'campus to corporation' etiquette advice is invaluable to all ages, so much so that I have purchased multiple copies for gifting purposes. Society can never have too much etiquette. Bravo to Julie Blais Comeau.

    Liz Yong, on Amazon

  • Today's business world can be complex, but this wonderful reference book makes it all seem simple! Easy to read, entertaining and brimming with practical tips that you can actually use. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing the what, why and how of today's business etiquette.

    Stayce W.

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