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Thursday October 4th, 2012 - 18h00
Royal Ottawa Golf Club
4 course meal
$77 per person plus taxes and service
As per club policy, no jeans please

Avoid making a global gaffe

International Protocol


In today’s competitive global business, international intelligence skills are necessary to succeed. To meet that need and further empower my clients I have expanded my leadership knowledge, resources and international network. 


My activities now include advising clients on: international greetings, forms of adress, gift giving, order of precedence, hosting, dining and touring. My goal is simple help you build solid international relationships and making memorable moments. 


With 10 plus years in training and development, I customise and present client’s materials that meet organisational requirements while creating bilingual dynamic activities, for participants of all levels; from front line to CEO and from private coaching to group workshops.


Should you, your colleagues, clients or partners be interested in expanding your knowledge of business etiquette and international protocol practices, I would be happy to meet to discuss training needs so that all may confidently compete in the contemporary worldwide business arena.




Julie Blais Comeau

Your business etiquette and international protocol consultant